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Thomas (Veos)


My name is Thomas, and I am a part time programmer and project manager on the Roblox Platform

Front end

I have experience working with GUIs made with vanilla Roblox, and made with external applications such as photoshop or, including the importing of the graphics into Roblox, and programming them. Aside from UIs, I have worked with tools, movement systems, animations and much more.

Back end

I also have a lot of experience working on backend gameplay systems, anti-exploit / cheat prevention, data structures, apis / webhooks, etc. I have worked with libraries made by different developers, and collaborated with several programmers on the same project. 

Frameworks & IDEs

I have experience using the Knit framework, this is my preferred method of development. and program in VS code linking with Rojo instead of using vanilla Roblox. I mainly prefer to use VS code over the vanilla tools provided by Roblox, as it allows for much easier collaboration and repo management.

Bot development

I have created several bots that run on the discord platform to aid clients in managing their community / workflows. For example, I made a management bot for the YouTuber McSloth. The bot manages the users when he does a recording. It notifies all users when a recording is active, then transfers all users int the voice channel once McSloth is ready for them. It also logs the number of strikes each user has, the amount of time a user has spend in recording, and all recordings a user has attended, for future reference by McSloth and his administration team.


Thanks to my T-level I have worked with the Flask framework to build all different kinds of web applications. For example, I have developed applications such as a basic blog, or complicated weather application.


I have experience using databases to store data for future use such as my discord bots. I prefer to use mongodb, and I use that for the majority of applications,  however I do have have some small experience working with SQL for web applications running with Flask.

Project Management


Working with Landvault, I have led the development of projects contracted by large-scale brands, managing 10+ developers all working within different aspects of the project. My position within this project primarily focused on task scheduling, resource management and resource recruiting.

Bowling Tycoon

Bowling Tycoon is a project I managed from the start to the end. I was responsible for all of the budgeting, scheduling, resource management, etc. For this project, I was responsible for managing 5-7 developers all working across the project. This project is now released.

Stellantis Studios

Stellantis Studios is a development group I have worked with offering Project management and programming services. For their most recent project, I have been responsible for all of the scheduling and resources similar to the other projects listed above.

Past Major Projects

Bowling Tycoon

Present Delivery Simulator

Stellantis Studios: Spring Valley

Landvault: Unannounced Project

Bloxington Springs

Cosmic: Planetary Exploration