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Bloxington Springs

About the Game

Bloxington Springs is an open-world, realistic roleplay game! It allows the player to roleplay as a Civilian, Fire Fighter, Police Officer, Sherriff, Emergency Dispatcher, or Transportation!

Civilians can drive and explore the city and roleplay in a variety of settings such as in houses, in the school, at the park, at the mall, at the pool, at the farm, and more. Civilians can also commit robberies at various places around the map, and run from the police! There is also a criminal base, which allows civilians to hide from the police!

Police Officers and Sheriffs can chase criminals and fight crime around the city! They can arrest criminals with wanted levels, and send them to prison! They also have the ability to enter the prison to make sure none of them escape!

Dispatchers have the ability to handle 911 calls, and dispatch the correct resources! This is also done automatically if there are no dispatchers online. (players always have the ability to use the automated dispatch if they prefer)

Firefighters can fight fires when they automatically spawn at random locations on the map! They can use the various tools that they are given to help save civilians from the building, and extinguish the fire! They have a selection of vehicles that they can use to respond to different emergencies, and help people! This team also includes an Ambulance and paramedic uniforms/tools, so players can roleplay as EMS if they want to!

My Role

I was the programmer and development lead for this game. Meaning I organized different developers to perform different tasks and schedule their work into a form that they could use effectively, meaning the development schedule was stuck to. On top of this, all of the programming for the game was completed by me. I spent a total of about 6 months working on the game before it was first released in January 2021. After the feedback we received, we decided to publish a revamp which was well-received by the community. After this point, I decided that I wanted to move on to a different game so that I could develop my skill set even more. This being the very first game I owned, I was happy with the progress that I made on it, and what I had learned.


Currently, the game is owned by two other people: jpdminecart and kingofbricks. They are currently in the process of revamping the game and making it better than ever! At the time of writing, the game is still in the state that it was when I lead its development. 


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